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It's convenient to have a place to send people for a bio and headshot for my various talks -- and this is it.


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Jamon is a software developer, business owner, husband, and father of four, located near Portland, Oregon, in SW Washington state. He is one of the co-founders of Infinite Red, Inc., a fully remote React Native app development studio located across the USA and Canada. He learned to code at age twelve in order to make games (the game store was too far away from where he grew up) and that led to a lifelong obsession with coding. He is active in open source, plays ice hockey on a Finnish-American team, and takes any excuse to use his tractor that he can.

Talks — Recent and Upcoming

I sometimes give talks at conferences (when I'm not helping organize one) and meetups. I've added links to a few here and will try to keep it up to date. In the upcoming section, I've also added some other meetups and conferences I plan to attend even if I'm not speaking, in case you want to connect there.


  • I'll be around at various React Native conferences this year and next. Keep an eye on my Twitter for talk announcements and conference visits!


Podcast: "Mind the Gap Between React and React Native" with TopEnd Devs

Really fun episode with TopEnd Devs talking about the differences between React and React Native. It was supposed to be a 30 minute conversation but lasted nearly an hour!

Mind the Gap Between React and React Native with Jamon Holmgren | TopEnd Devs

Podcast: Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots EP 499

I used to listen to this podcast years ago and was thrilled when they asked me to be a guest. I talk about my tech journey and how Infinite Red came to be, as well as motivation and long-term strategy. Listen here

React Native EU 2023

I went back to Wrocław, Poland for React Native EU. I had a wonderful time there!

Igniting React Native Upgrades with Flame AI - Jamon Holmgren | React Native EU 2023

RenderATL 2023

I was at RenderATL (https://www.renderatl.com/) from May 31 to June 2, 2023, and taught a workshop with my business partner Gant Laborde.

Jamon and Gant teaching workshop at renderATL

Chain React 2023

My company put on Chain React 2023 and it went incredibly well, with 300+ React Native developers converging in Portland from all over the world. My parents and my wife and two of my kids were there as well and got to see it in action!

Cally (daughter), Cedric (son), Elizebeth (mom), me, Chyra (my wife), Ron (dad)

Guidance Counselor 2.0

In this episode, Taylor Desseyn and I talked about hiring and what makes for a good hiring process! Listen to Guidance Counselor 2.0: Episode 183 - Step by step on how to hire with Jamon Holmgren

SocraticHobbits - Episode 40: Further Together with Jamon Holmgren

In one of my more personal/intimate interviews, I joined Kyle Morse and Daniel Hayword and discussed my entrepreneurship journey in a long-ranging discussion. I think if I were to recommend a podcast interview of me to listen to, this would be one of the top.

Guidance Counselor 2.0 + Step by Step on How to Hire with Taylor Desseyn

Taylor and I talk about hiring process and philosophy in a short, fast-paced, live show.

React Native: 2022 & Beyond with Gant Laborde

Returning at last to the stage after the pandemic in May 2022, Gant Laborde and I gave a talk at Reactathon in the Park! Really enjoyed this experience, and got to see a bit more of the East Bay and Berkeley in particular.

Reactathon in the Park - Jamon and Gant talk about React Native: 2022 and Beyond

React Native Radio -- ongoing

I've been hosting React Native Radio lately along with Robin Heinze, Jon Major Condon, Mazen Chami, and a few others. We talk all about React Native, interview developers from Facebook, Shopify, Coinbase, and many other recognizable companies. We also talk about the latest news in React Native and tackle a variety of related subjects. It's been a LOT of fun, and we release one a week. Listen to the most recent React Native Radio episodes now

DevXPod Episode 2

I was on one of the first episodes of the first DevXPod podcast with Pauline P. Narvas and Mike Nikles. It was a great discussion about developer experience! How DevX has evolved w/ Jamon (CTO & Cofounder, Infinite Red)

Microsoft Reactor -- Web Wednesday

I was on live Microsoft Reactor's Web Wednesday with Christopher Harrison and talked about MobX-State-Tree. The video got a little cut off at the end, but you can see most of it! Manage state with React with Jamon Holmgren | Web Wednesday

Frontend Greatness -- Episode 6

I'm about half Finnish, and the Finnish concept of Sisu has always appealed to me. In this interview, A-P and I talked about applying "Sisu" to software development. Overcoming adversity using “Sisu” with Jamon Holmgren

Software Developer's Journey #114 with Jamon Holmgren

In September 2020, Tim Bourguignon and I talked about being mesmerized by the command prompt of a Commodore 64, impromptu mentors, creating businesses, coding alone and in a team, networking and much more! Listen to DevJourney #114 here!

The Entrepreneurial Coder -- Jamon Holmgren -- Scaling Up and Sustaining an Agency

In April 2020, Ryan Chenkie interviewed me about my experience as a developer and business owner, as well as my journey co-founding my agency. I notably talk about how the 2008-2009 recession how how that impacted my business. We also talk about burnout, cashflow, tips for managing developers, and more! Listen to The Entrepreneurial Coder #25

Why you should use React Native with Jamon Holmgren

I was on Tech JR Podcast, released March 4, 2020. We talked about React Native, teaching, and state management. Listen to Tech JR here!

RNR 148: What’s in My Stack?

In January I co-hosted React Native Radio for a few episodes. Here's one of them: React Native Radio 148: What's in my stack?

Seamless GraphQL in Rails and React Native

In October I spoke with Morgan Laco at a conference in Florida, Ancient City Ruby/Rails/React. It's a lovely small conference. Unfortunately, the video was never posted.

Build an iOS and Android app in 15 minutes using React Native

In September 2019, I spoke at React Live Amsterdam! It was great! Here's the video:

In September, I spoke at React Live Amsterdam! It was great! Here's the video

Resolving the Great State Debate with Hooks, Context, and MobX-State-Tree

On the same trip and before React Live Amsterdam, I gave a talk at React Native EU in September 2019. Check it out!

React Native EU talk video

RRU 076: Ignite and the React Community with Jamon Holmgren

I was on React Roundup, a podcast with David Ceddia and Lucas Reis, in August. I talk about Ignite, React Finland, MobX-State-Tree, and my coding background. Have a listen! RRU 076: Ignite and the React Community with Jamon Holmgren

RNR 128: Chain React with Jamon Holmgren

I was a guest on the panel at React Native Radio for the July 30, 2019 edition. We also sponsor this podcast at my company.

Leading a Fully Remote Team with Jamon Holmgren

I was interviewed in June for DistantJobs podcast. They just launched a new website — check it out!

Leading a Fully Remote Team with Jamon Holmgren

Chain React 2019 Panel

I am an organizer and was on the speaker panel at Chain React 2019 in July, 2019! It was an amazing conference all around. Here's the video of my panel appearance.

Chain React 2019 talk video

Backup Speaker - RunningRemote 2019

I was a backup speaker at RunningRemote in Bali in June. While I didn't give a talk, I did get a chance to be at that amazing conference, which I really loved.

Building a Community Around Ignite

I spoke at React Finland 2019! You can see the video here:

React Finland 2019 talk video

Lean Core, Act 1: How and why we pulled WebView out of React Native

While I was in Finland, I also gave a talk about React Native WebView at React Helsinki! Here's a video of the talk on Vimeo.

43: Dive In with Jamon Holmgren. On Career, Consultancy, Conference Organization, Open Source, and Courageous Entrepreneurship

I was on the React Podcast with Michael Chan. He's a great interviewer. Give it a listen!

Portland State University: React Native Talk

I gave a talk at Portland State University about React Native on February 29, 2019. It went really well!

Intro to Modern JavaScript - Jamon Holmgren

I was the first speaker at the new meetup in Vancouver, Washington, called Vancouver Full Stack, ! I spoke about Modern JavaScript.

Vancouver Full Stack Meetup talk video

React Native Portland Meetup -- Native Modules

I spoke at the React Native Portland Meetup on Thursday, December 20 about writing React Native modules in Objective-C and Java.

WLP183 - Co-ordinating the Conversation in Remote Teams

I was on the 21st Century Work Life podcast recently with Pilar Orti. I really enjoyed my chat with her about remote work. Check it out!

Building Infinite Red Podcast

Building Infinite Red Seasons 1 and 2 are out! In this new podcast, my cofounders and I talk about the challenges and our philosophy for running a digital agency.

Discover Blockchains

Discover Blockchains- March 24, 2018 - Portland, Oregon

cr8con Portland

Portland Creative Conference (cr8con)- September 29, 2017 - Portland, Oregon

Demoing Thesis - a Phoenix CMS: ElixirConf 2017

ElixirConf 2017 September 7-8, 2017 - Bellevue, Washington - I gave a lightning talk titled "Demoing Thesis - a Phoenix CMS".

ElixirConf 2017 talk video

Implementing A* Pathfinding in Elm -- PDX Func Meetup

PDX Func Meetupon Monday, August 14, 2017 - Portland, Oregon - I presented on myA* Pathfinding implementationin Elm.Source.

Getting Work to Work Interview

Getting Work to Work Podcast on July 28, 2017 - I was the guest on Chris Martin's excellent podcast and talked about remote work, our conference, and more.

Chain React 2017

Chain React on July 10-11, 2017 - Portland, Oregon - Gave the welcome and goodbye for our first conference ever, which was focused on React Native.

Thesis: CMS for Elixir/Phoenix

Portland Erlang and Elixir User Groupon June 21, 2017 - Portland, Oregon - Gave a talk aboutThesis, a CMS for Elixir/Phoenix that I built.

React Native Portland Meetup -- Ignite CLI

React Native Portlandon June 15, 2017 - Portland, Oregon - I gave a presentation onIgnite CLI, a starter kit for React Native.

Guest Speaker -- Clark College

Clark College on June 1, 2017 - Vancouver, Washington - I was a guest speaker

Cultivate Now Podcast

I was interviewed on the Cultivate Now Podcast with Jonathan Sharp. Link to the episode and transcript.