Jamon Holmgren

Illustration of Jamon at his desk

Hi! I'm Jamon Holmgren.

I'm a software developer, business owner, rec league ice hockey goalie, husband, and father of four. I'm located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA.

I am one of the co-founders of Infinite Red, a fully remote React Native app development studio located in the USA and Canada. We're the best React Native experts you'll find, and I'm very proud of the team we've built.

Feel free to shoot me an email at hello at jamon.dev. If it's work-related, use my first name at infinite.red.

Jamon playing ice hockey goalie Jamon's tractor
Jamon and his family

I've loved making software
for a very long time.

When my dad brought home a 286 in 1991, I was enthralled. I watched as he painstakingly typed and simultaneously repeated cd \games and saw the screen scroll and change. It was mind-blowing to a ten year old.

A couple years later, a middle school math teacher gave me a book on BASIC programming, and said she had noticed I liked computers. At home, I discovered that our new 486DX computer had QBasic. I was in heaven.

That has led to a life-long obsession with coding. The journey has taken me from running large excavation equipment to framing houses to 3D CAD design, until I eventually landed on a career in software.

Read more about my journey in Beginnings or listen to me talk about it in DevJourney #114

P.S. I built this website in QBasic...no, really! You can even check out the source on Github. And you can make your own with my Qub CLI.